Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Grandpa Christensen's Visit

Grandpa Christensen called a few days ago asking if he could stay at our house while his SUV had some work done in Salt Lake and we told him we would love to have him stay with us. We picked him up at the repair shop, went home and changed Luca and then started having fun. Nick & Grandpa wanted to visit Hill AFB's Aerospace museum so we loaded up the car and headed out. It was a little cold and there was still some snow on the ground but the "boys" had so much fun looking and talking about the airplanes. Nick, Grandpa and Luca all seemed to have a good time. Grandpa only stayed for one night but I think that he had a good time.
Luca & Grandpa Christensen

Luca & Nick

Nick & Luca

Shauna & Luca

Nick, Luca & Grandpa

The "boys"

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Washington & Alaska Trip

We finally made it up to Washington to see Nick's grandparents, they had never met Luca and we were super excited because Luca is such an awesome boy that everyone should meet. We went to the farm in Graham and Grandma & Grandpa drove us around Graham to show us all the changes since we lived in Washington. We took Luca to look at the cows and after that we drove to Nick's uncle Lee & Christie's house and spent the night.
  The next morning we flew up to Anchorage so Nick could attend recurrent training. Luca and I bummed around during the day while Nick was in class.  After a week Nick was done with training so we flew up to Fairbanks so Nick could go to work. On one of the days he didn't have to work we drove to the hot springs and saw a bunch of moose.  A few days later we say some moose in Nick's neighbors yard eating their trees. Luca and I headed back home and Nick came home at the end of his shift.
Luca climbing on a stool at Great Grandma & Grandpa Guthrie's

Luca, Grandma Carol & Nick

Nick & Luca heading out to see the cows

Nick, Luca and Grandpa John

Nick, Luca, Grandma Carol & Grandpa John

Luca in a drawer in the hotel in Anchorage

In Anchorage

Luca is pretending the car is a camera

In Anchorage


Momma moose and year old baby moose

Heading into Fairbanks

Moose in Nick's neighbors yard

Luca at the North Pole Alaska

Luca and a reindeer at North Pole Alaska 

North Pole Alaska


Being silly

A view of Fairbanks from the University parking lot

Nick & Luca chillin' in Nick's room in Fairbanks