Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christmas Pictures 2011

Luca is such a good helper. I can't believe that he got all the way to the top of the tree with only a little bit of help.

Guthrie Family Christmas Photo:
Nick, Luca, Shauna, Sammy Charleigh & Kody

I love my happy little elf, Luca

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Family Pictures

Thanks to everyone who helped us take our family pictures this year.  We really appreciate the help!!!  Thank you Michelle, Linda and Shawn!!!
I know I ready posted this picture but I ran it through a editing program and it turned out so cool!

We love our happy little Luca

Happy Family 2011
Luca looks like he is either confused or concentrating

All I can say is... CUTE!!!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Pumpkin Patch

Today Linda, Sharee, Carson, Brookly, Alicia, Addison, Beckum, Luca and I  went to the pumpkin patch in Farmington.  We had such a great time.  Luca picked out a pumpkin and he and daddy are going to carve it in a few days.
L-R Beckum, Addison, Brooklyn, Carson & Luca

Little Luca in the Pumpkin Patch

Carson in the corn stalks

Luca looking for the Great Pumpkin
Such a cutie!!!

Luca & Brooklyn

Sharee & Carson looking for the perfect pumpkin

Sharee & Linda

Addison with a scarecrow

Little storm cloud Luca with a little pumpkin

Luca & his momma

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Temple Square

Last Sunday we were in Salt Lake and decided to go to Temple Square.  It was very nice, Luca was a huge hit with all the sister missionaries (our little stud)!

The cutest little Luca ~ EVER!!!

I love this picture
Littlest Luca and his momma

Luca's first football game

Nick, Luca and I went to Weber State's football game against Sacramento State a few weeks ago.  We had a great time.  Luca stayed awake for most of the game, just a little nap during the second quarter.  He got startled a couple of times when the crowd would cheer.  One time the special teams ran a return back 60+ yards, everyone was excited and yelling.  It scared Luca but when the guy ran past us Luca got super excited and he started kicking and yelling.  It was way to funny.
Luca getting ready for the game to start

Luca during the second quarter ~ as you can tell he is very excited

Happy football lovin' family

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fun Family Pictures

We were in a silly mood and thought it would be fun to take some pictures around the house.
Me and my little Monkey

Happy Family

Silly Daddy with the Silly Monkey

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sharee's New House

Well, I am jealous!!! Sharee has a new house and it is amazing!!! Sharee and her family really deserve it, they are such a wonderful family and we wish them the best.  There is a garden patch in the back of Sharee's house that has little frogs in it.  All the guys (except for Grandpa) were outside trying to catch frogs; I think that Jake and Carson were the most enthusiastic about the whole adventure.  Nick was getting pretty involved too, carrying Luca around and trying to catch frogs one armed.  Nick put a frog on Luca's hand but he could have cared less, I was a little worried that he may try and put it in his mouth because everything goes in his mouth right now; either that or he drools on everything.  Poor frog!
Jake, Carson catching frogs and Shawn & Linda watching them have fun

There is Matt's butt on the left and Nick's butt on the right

The frogs

Carson, Nick & Luca looking for frogs

Luca and his frog

Weber River Walk

It was terrible, Nick and I went to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, "Zupa's" and he had the crab melt and absolutely loved it.  Later that night I got a call from Nick at work saying he wasn't feeling well and I needed to pick him up from work.  I picked him up and he slept all the way home and when we got home he went right to bed.  This was Friday at 4:00pm.  He slept all day Saturday and he said that he felt so sick. Sunday he slept in and said that he was feeling a little better.  My poor Nick got food poisoning, it was so sad.  Once he started feeling better on Sunday he wanted to go out and get some fresh air so we took a walk down the Weber river walkway.  It was so nice, we saw some ducks and a quail and some people riding the rails, (they were kind of scary).  It was a nice walk and it was good to see some color in Nick's face after being so sick.
Luca was actually a little interested in these ducks

I told Nick to have Luca throw the stick in the water so we could play pooh sticks, Nick thought I was crazy

There was a whole family of quail but I was only able to get a picture of this one

This is the first try at getting a family picture this day ~ I love Luca's face

Finally succeeded in getting all of us in the shot

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Stomach Sleeper

I feel like the worst mom ever (I'm probably going to be saying that a lot for the next 20+ years) but Luca has taken to sleeping on his stomach.  The doctor said this was probably going to happen once he started rolling over but I worry. (I'm also going to be saying I worry a lot for the rest of my life) Since he did come early the chances of SIDS is higher and if a baby sleeps on their stomach it is higher still but I can't keep that little boy off his stomach.  He won't go on his stomach if he is awake, but as soon as he is asleep, right on the belly. This little guy is going to teach my patience and I love him for it.
Like father like son, Nick sleeps the same way

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sad Baby

Somehow Nick found out that if you sing the Little Mermaid song or sing in a funny opera voice it makes Luca sad and cry.  It doesn't happen all the time Luca has to be in the right or I guess wrong mood for it to work.  I know we shouldn't laugh when he makes his sad face but it is so cute.

I think this is the cutest face!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hiking Adam's Canyon

I did it!!! I hiked Adam's Canyon all the way to the waterfall.  Nick didn't believe I could do it but I proved him WRONG!!!  Luca had a great time, he loves hiking (well actually being carried in the pack), he probably thinks he is doing tons of work and that he is in charge. (He really is in charge)
Nick & the Luca monster

My boy's

We finally reach the waterfall

Me and my Luca

Happy Family

Didn't quite make it all the way down