Thursday, June 4, 2009

Our backyard

Nick & I have been working on our back yard and it is finally stating to look good and have some character. This weekend we have big plans of cutting down part of the trees encroaching our neighbor John's backyard. In two weeks we are going to try to get our new deck built and the week after that get the rest of the rock path and flower beds in. The garden is doing great except the poor spinach, I don't think any are going to come up and the ants ran off with a bunch of pea plants before I took care of them. We planted 6 pumpkin plants that are supposed to produce 90+ pound pumpkins each so I think we are going to have enough pumpkins for carving this year. Nick is super excited!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

All the kids together again

All of the Guthrie kids were at our house on Monday having a barbecue to celebrate Randy & Cassi's visit. Shawn & Linda thought it would be great to have a picture of all the kids because they haven't been together in a while and it will be longer till they are all together again.

Randy & Cassi's visit

Randy is done with his first year at law school in New Hampshire so Randy & Cassi decided to visit family in Utah for a week. We are so happy they came, we had a barbecue at our house on Monday and played volleyball and I think everyone had a great time. (Jesse & Jake had to work so they weren't able to be there) Nick also had me take a few pictures of his barbecue, he is so proud of it.

New Barbecue & Garden

Nick and I love our new house and yard. I didn't realize how large our yard was till I had to mow it, but the dogs love it and it really has been great because we have been able to have family over to barbecue and play volleyball. We also put in a garden this spring and I'm happy to announce that my carrots and peas are coming up, the spinach has been a little slow but the peppers, eggplant, spaghetti squash and pumpkins are doing great. These pictures are the day that we planted the garden and the day Nick put together his new smoker/grill.

Winter at the new house

This is the first real winter the puppies have endured and they had an absolute great time playing in the snow. Sammy probably had the most fun, every time Nick would go out and shovel the drive and walks he would take the dogs with them and Sammy would try and catch the snow Nick was shoveling. Charleigh doesn't really like to get wet so she would follow Nick in the paths he made so she would stay as dry as possible. Kody just love the snow and playing outside.

Making up for lost time

Today I have time to catch our blog up to date. Tons has happened since the last time I was on here. There have been 3 births since the first of the year - Jessica had Savanna, Sharee had Brooklyn and Alicia had Addison and all three little girls are growing so fast. Nick is finishing up his commercial rating for flight school, that should be done at the end of next week at the latest and then he's trying to go to a school in Phoenix for a week to get his multi-engine rating. He is working so hard and he is also planning on starting at Weber State this fall. I've been working in my garden and flower beds and reading lately and it has been wonderful. Randy and Cassi were able to come visit this last week and it was great seeing them. This weekend we are planning on building a deck of the back of the house; so we have our work cut out for us.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Christmas Eve at Temple Square

It was COLD!!! I forgot how cold it get here, Washington got cold but nothing like this. I thought my nose was going to fall off, but I'm just a big baby. The Guthrie family has a tradition that on Christmas Eve they gather together, eat crepes, see the lights at Temple Square in Salt Lake and open their pajamas. This year Linda switched things around and we had crepes first then open the gifts and then went and saw the lights. This new schedule worked wonderfully, she is always full of great ideas. Nick was excited to see the lights because this is the first time he's celebrated Christmas in two years, the previous years he has been deployed with the Navy. I think that everyone had a great time.
Nick & Me Streator, Shawn & Nick Kaite, Elizabeth & Shawn, and the family: Shawn, Linda, Nick, Me, Matt, Sharee, Carson, Jesse, Jessica, Streator, Jake, Alicia, Jared, Elizabeth & Katie. (Randy & Cassi aren't pictured, they are living in New Hampshire)

Halloween 2008

K, I'm trying to get post and pictures caught up. We've had computer problems (to say the least) so I'm getting as much done today just in case the computer has stress again. Nick & I haven't been home for Halloween in 7 years and I wasn't sure quite what to expect at the Halloween party. There were tons of people and everyone was dressed up and it was a lot of fun. Jared, Shawn & Nick went through so many costumes that night so I'll put the best of the lot on.
Nick & I are on the left, Nick is an Angle wearing a cowboy hat, Jared is the busty blond, Shawn in the blond in glasses, Katie is an Angle holding Streator, and Sharee is the blond packin' heat.

Family Pictures

Shawn & Linda wanted family pictures done (Randy and Cassie are missing because they are having an adventure in New Hampshire while Randy attends law school. Go Randy!!!) The pictures were taken in the park below Farmington Canyon in the middle of November. The weather was wonderful, Linda was hoping for snow but I'm glad that it was pretty dry. I didn't get any pictures with everyone but here are a couple of picture I did get.
Nick & I being silly, Nick being the Karate Kid and Nick making faces at Streator.