Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sad Baby

Somehow Nick found out that if you sing the Little Mermaid song or sing in a funny opera voice it makes Luca sad and cry.  It doesn't happen all the time Luca has to be in the right or I guess wrong mood for it to work.  I know we shouldn't laugh when he makes his sad face but it is so cute.

I think this is the cutest face!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Hiking Adam's Canyon

I did it!!! I hiked Adam's Canyon all the way to the waterfall.  Nick didn't believe I could do it but I proved him WRONG!!!  Luca had a great time, he loves hiking (well actually being carried in the pack), he probably thinks he is doing tons of work and that he is in charge. (He really is in charge)
Nick & the Luca monster

My boy's

We finally reach the waterfall

Me and my Luca

Happy Family

Didn't quite make it all the way down

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Old Indian Trail - Ogden Canyon

Nick decided we needed to go for a "walk" after church on Sunday; I probably should have been worried when he started filling up the camel backs and told me to put on good shoes.  I though we were going to walk along the Weber river but he had other ideas in mind.  We drove to the trail head of the Old Indian Trial, got out and Nick decided on a trail; a trail that went straight up.  I think he was trying to do me in because I thought that stupid trail was going to kill me in spots.  Yes, I am out of shape but this hike was a little too much to early on.  I know I should stop complaining because I wasn't even carrying Luca.  Nick had Luca in a front carry pack.  Nick and Luca are cut from the same mold because every time I wanted to stop for a moment Nick would be nice enough to stop but Luca would get frustrated and start whining.  I did get some great pictures on the hike and I'm going to try to do it again in a few weeks, just to prove to Nick, Luca and myself that I can hike the stupid mountain.

Nick and Luca ready to start out on our adventure

 The cutest little guy
Family Photo 
Love that Luca
   Nick can not ever be serious

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Luca loves to read

Nick and I are trying to instill the love of reading in Luca at a young age.  We are always getting him new books and we ready to him daily.  I am currently reading "Tales of a fourth grade nothing" by Judy Blume to him a chapter a day.  I know he doesn't understand or even care but at least I am starting good habits early.  There are a few series of books that we have for Luca and we like them and hopefully he will like them someday too.  They are the "Skippy John Jones" series and "Scaredy the Squirrel" series.
Luca reading his Fuzy Farm Animal book

He got to the exciting part

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Luca's first "solid" food

Nick and I went out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse and Luca slept through most of dinner but woke up towards the end.  We were going to start giving him solid food the next day but Nick wanted to start that night so he gave him a lemon.  Luca, our loving and trusting baby, starting sucking on the lemon and he made the funniest face.  We though he was going to start crying but didn't and just kept sucking on the lemon.

We started his real solid food the next day and he had peaches, which he loved, but he didn't understand how to keep the peaches in his mouth or what to do with them when he was able to keep them in.  He has really gotten the hang of eating and has turned into a great eater.  I'm dating this posting on the day he actually started eating.  I have a video of him eating but my computer won't let me turn the video.

Luca getting ready to have his first meal