Friday, May 9, 2008


It has been so long since I've been able to post, my life has been very busy lately. I am so appreciative of my in-laws for letting Nick and I invade their house and Elizabeth is so amazing because she has given up her room for Nick & I to use. We are actively looking for somewhere to live and I don't want to impose upon their hospitality too much.
Nick & I went to dinner with Randy, Cassi and Randy's friend John at a Thai place in Layton. I had a very good salad with a different dressing, it was a spicy peanut dressing, it was different but good.
I am so excited for tomorrow. I went to the nursery with Linda and Sharee yesterday and I got some amazing plants and tomorrow I'm potting them and I hope that they are going to grow. Gardening in Utah is very different than gardening in Washington. In Washington all you really have to do is throw some seeds outside and they will sprout and bloom.
I finished a good book two days ago and I can't wait for the next one in the series to come out. The series is Fablehaven and I finished the third book which incidentally came out a month ago so now I have to wait a whole nother year for the next book. I'm also waiting for the third book in another series to come out and it won't be out till 2009. It is the Hood series by Steven Lawhead. I really like the series.
Well I have probably babbled enough for now. Happy Friday.

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  1. Shauna, You don't know me.. but if Nick thinks really hard.. he'll remember me. Holla' Holla' Nick, I thought I saw Randy last year maybe.. I can't remember.. time flies by so quickly. It looks like the both of your are doing well.. Congrats on the Flying! I remember that's what you wanted to do... good to see your making it.

    Holla' back! Nate Bruce