Sunday, August 3, 2008

The Misadventures of Nick & Jake

Friday the 1st of August Nick and his little buddy Jake (Alicia's husband) set out on an adventure of a lifetime. As they loaded up Jake's truck with two black inter tubs, a mischievous gleam in their eyes they felt they were prepared for anything the river had to offer, but alas they were wrong. Nick not bothering to listen to his wife left the bottle of sunblock on the dresser, mistake one. The two boys drove to the end point of their mighty adventure in the making and left Nick's car and then proceeded to the starting point in the river. Both boys being as prepared as they were brought water with them on the trip, they also wore tee shirts, swim trunks and flip flops. They jumped over the fence with the "No Trespassing" sign posted and proceeded down to the river. Everything was going well. They removed their shirts and hoped on the tubes and were off. As they approached the first "waterfall" Jake's water bottles top blew off and all of his water was gone. Then as they were rounding a curve Jake crashed into a tree and that's when he lost his shirt. They went back and looked for it but to no avail. The proceeded down the river and Jake got caught in some "rapids" and as he was trying to get out lost his wedding ring. Nick then got caught in a different set of "rapids" and he lost his shirt. They were still going down the river when the rope carrying Jake & Nick's water bottles got caught on a log and as Jake was untangling it his tube started floating down the river. Luckily Nick got his tube and as Jake walked down to Nick he asked if Nick saw his flip flop floating by but Nick didn't see it. The rest of the river was good, nothing bad happened but when they reached the end they noticed 2 kayaking shoots; the first time they went down they were normal, the second time they were on their stomachs and they had a great idea for the third run; they were going to balance on their hands and knees on the tubes. Jake went first and crashed and got knocked off his tube. Nick laughed and said that wasn't going to happen to him. Nick went down and crashed in the same exact spot and then got washed to the second "waterfall" shoot and Nick told Jake he needed to ride down the rest of the way with him on Jake's tube. Jake said "OK" and then he let go of the tube and Nick and the tube went down the second "waterfall". Before the "waterfall" Nick thought he sliced his foot open because something was flapping against his foot, but it ended up being the flip flop (he broke the thong). Nick went over the second "waterfall" which knock off his flip flops and he was able to retrieve one good flip flop and the tubes. Somewhere down the river Jake lost his other flip flop. After that they decided to call it a day. So Jake ended up with no flip flops, no shirt and no wedding ring, Nick ended up with 1 flip flop, and no shirt. Luckily they both ended up with their swimming trunks.

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