Thursday, December 18, 2008

Long Time

It has been absolutely forever since I've written, but work has been super hectic and stressful - anyway. Nick finally bullied me into getting a face book account and I've been putting that together tonight.

Last month Nick was able to get some GREAT tickets to the Coldplay concert at Energy Solutions, we were on the 4th row. The show was incredible, they sounded great, the lasers were really cool too. They would show video and live feed on these balloon thing that were hanging from the ceiling. We thought that the band was possibly lip syncing or on a track or something but during one song they messed up and you could tell they were singing live. It was sooo cool!!!

We finally have the house completely set up (thanks to Nick) right now he is studying for his next flight test and listening to Queen (I don't know why) in the "study". All the study really is, is a couple of chairs and an end table in our third bedroom but he feels like this is a sanctuary. Well I need to get ready for bed.

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