Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lamentation of a Cat Killer (not the cat pictured)

I had one of the worst days in a long time on Monday.  I finished dropping Nick off at work and was heading toward Layton to get Luca to the doctor when something horrible happened; a black fluffy cat (Ben at Nick's work said the cat was probably suicidal, but I'm getting ahead of myself) came charging across the on ramp on I-215.  I was going to fast, I swerved, I tried everything short of rolling the car and I thought for a second I missed the kitty but then there was a horrible thump. I started crying immediately and got off on the next exit. I called Nick because I was so upset with myself and with what had just happened. Nick is the stable part of my life. Everything could be falling down around me and I look to him and get the support (often his support comes in the form of relentless teasing) that I dearly need.
  When I called Nick I was in a terrible state and should not have been driving so he told me to come back to his work and calm down. Once I got to his work he asked me again what happened because he couldn't understand me on the phone. I related the whole ordeal to him, feeling even worse the second time. I felt bad for the cat. This was an amazing cat. He crossed 7 lanes of traffic only to fall short the last 10 feet. I guess life feels that way at time too. We do so much, crossing all the lanes of traffic dodging cars and watching for others but in the end we fall short. Life is hard and I know I am preaching to the choir but I feel better getting this out of my head and letting if float somewhere on the web.
 So the week went on and I started to forget about my horrific Monday, today is Sharee's son Carson's birthday and Luca and I were heading over to her house to drop off Carson's present.  Let me paint a picture of what happened next.
 Luca was sitting in the back seat of the car babbling away while we listed to Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince on CD. It was raining slightly but nothing to impair vision or vehicle maneuverability. As we neared Sharee's house a black cat was sitting in the middle of the road. Horrible flashback started and I confess, I was a little nervous. I stopped as soon as I saw the cat sitting there. The other drivers probably thought I was crazy but as I looked at the cat and he looked back at me I knew he knew what I had done earlier that week.       I waited for the cat to cross the road and he took his sweet time doing it and every so often he would stare right at me and I would almost shiver. Finally he was out of the street and quite a distance from the road before I could start driving again.  I know... I've lost it... It was going to happen eventually...
  I told Nick about the demonic cat out to destroy my life and he just chuckled at me and walked away. I guess my drama today was pretty silly and now I think I can go on with my life. I've probably wasted everyone's time with my stupid story, so in order to make up for it I'm going to post a picture of a cute cat who is not dead.

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