Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Snow Basin Trail

When Nick got home from work in June we wanted to do something outdoorsie and Linda had taken Luca & I on the Snow Basin trail hike a couple of weeks before. I really liked the trail and I knew Nick would like it too. We had a great time, Luca hiked most of the trail and we saw a mongoose carrying a small chipmunk for his lunch. Since we went on a weekday we weren't run over by any mountain bikers. We walked to the small pond and beaver dam. (Nick calls them beaver houses now because he said that's what they call them in Alaska ~ Silly Nick!)
Nick & Luca

Luca stopping one of many times to pick something up

Me, trying to be artsy 

Nick & Luca

Luca & Shauna

Luca & Nick

Beaver Lodge (or beaver house)



Artsy again

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