Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gingerbread houses and a weird family!

There were so many people making gingerbread houses and it was so much fun. Sharee, Alicia and Sesha's families were there. Luca likes to yell when he is decorating and, like his daddy, has to be the center of attention. After the houses were made Nick, Luca and the older boys went outside for a snowball fight. When all was said and done Nick and a pregnant Sharee had to take naps. Nick and Jared also had to do funny poses with Luca. It was a good day.
Addie, Alicia, Luca, Nick & Brooklyn

Carson, Christopher, Luca, Nick, Linda in the back and Brooklyn

Shauna & Luca 

Luca in the snow

Nick, Luca & Christopher

I love this picture of Luca just wandering 

Sharee & Nick napping

Nick, Jared and poor Luca

Silly boys

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