Monday, January 1, 2007

The Candy Shop War - Brandon Mull

I love reading stories full of magic, adventure and just a little suspense.  Even though this book is written for a younger group, adults can still enjoy it.  It was fun to think back to when I was in fifth grade and imagine this happening to me.  That would have been so cool.  This is my sister-in-law's favorite book (at least it was when she was in 6th grade) and for her birthday I got an autographed copy for her.  She was so excited!!!  Brandon has found a way to tap into the adventurous nature of kids and teens that will help them learn to enjoy reading. 

My grade: B


Welcome to the Sweet Tooth Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe, where the confections are bit on the . . . unusual side. Rock candy that makes you weightless. Jawbreakers that make you unbreakable. Chocolate balls that make you a master of disguise. Four young friends—Nate, Summer, Trevor, and Pigeon—meet the grandmotherly Mrs. White, owner of the Sweet Tooth, and soon learn about the magical side effects of her candies. Then the ice cream truck driver, Mr. Stott, arrives with a few enchanted sweets of his own. The danger unfolds as the four youngsters discover that the magical strangers have all come to town in search of a legendary treasure—one that could be used for great evil if it fell into the wrong hands. The kids, now in over their heads, must try to retrieve the treasure first. And so, the war begins . . . 

Age Range: 8-12 (Barnes & Noble didn't have an age range for this book)

The Candy Shop War by Brandon Mull: Book Cover

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