Sunday, September 11, 2011

Weber River Walk

It was terrible, Nick and I went to lunch at one of his favorite restaurants, "Zupa's" and he had the crab melt and absolutely loved it.  Later that night I got a call from Nick at work saying he wasn't feeling well and I needed to pick him up from work.  I picked him up and he slept all the way home and when we got home he went right to bed.  This was Friday at 4:00pm.  He slept all day Saturday and he said that he felt so sick. Sunday he slept in and said that he was feeling a little better.  My poor Nick got food poisoning, it was so sad.  Once he started feeling better on Sunday he wanted to go out and get some fresh air so we took a walk down the Weber river walkway.  It was so nice, we saw some ducks and a quail and some people riding the rails, (they were kind of scary).  It was a nice walk and it was good to see some color in Nick's face after being so sick.
Luca was actually a little interested in these ducks

I told Nick to have Luca throw the stick in the water so we could play pooh sticks, Nick thought I was crazy

There was a whole family of quail but I was only able to get a picture of this one

This is the first try at getting a family picture this day ~ I love Luca's face

Finally succeeded in getting all of us in the shot

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