Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sharee's New House

Well, I am jealous!!! Sharee has a new house and it is amazing!!! Sharee and her family really deserve it, they are such a wonderful family and we wish them the best.  There is a garden patch in the back of Sharee's house that has little frogs in it.  All the guys (except for Grandpa) were outside trying to catch frogs; I think that Jake and Carson were the most enthusiastic about the whole adventure.  Nick was getting pretty involved too, carrying Luca around and trying to catch frogs one armed.  Nick put a frog on Luca's hand but he could have cared less, I was a little worried that he may try and put it in his mouth because everything goes in his mouth right now; either that or he drools on everything.  Poor frog!
Jake, Carson catching frogs and Shawn & Linda watching them have fun

There is Matt's butt on the left and Nick's butt on the right

The frogs

Carson, Nick & Luca looking for frogs

Luca and his frog

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  1. How fun. It makes me feel homesick. We wish we were there doing that.