Monday, April 25, 2011

The Day Luca Came

Wednesday March 16th 2011 was a very stormy day turning into a even stormier night. I was on bed rest at the hospital waiting to have my baby; I was anticipating a 2 week stay at the hospital due to the fact that the baby was so early and I was having issues with my blood pressure.

Nick had just gotten off of work and was hanging out at the hospital with me. I had to go to the restroom so Nick helped me unhook all of the monitors and he walked me to the bathroom. I noticed when I was in the bathroom that my underwear was wet and I knew that I didn't have an accident so when I went back to bed I told the nurse. The nurse thought I had an accident but she indulged my anyway by checking the fluid to see if it was urine or amniotic fluid. The nurse pulled out the test strip and checked, then she checked again, and just to be sure she checked one more time. Nick asked what the color on the strip meant and the nurse said that if it was urine the color of the strip would be yellow but the strip was blue, a pretty dark blue and she said that it was amniotic fluid.

The nurse quickly left the room and called Doctor Hall; he was at the hospital within a couple of minutes and he checked me himself. He then said, "OK, this is as far as we go, how would you like to have your baby today?" I asked him if we could just pretend there wasn't any fluid and go on with me on bed rest. He chuckled a little and told the nurse to start prepping me for a c-section in about an hour. I was scared and I think that Nick was a little scared too. I was worried because our little guy was going to be so early and so little and that he may not survive the ordeal.

After Doctor Hall left my room I asked Nick to call his parents and see if his dad could come down and help Nick give me a blessing. After that call everything happened so quickly. My nurse came back in and started prepping me and she found out that I had eaten lunch earlier that day. (A person is not supposed to eat at least 6 hours prior to having anesthetic, due to the fact that it can make them sick and if they were to throw up they could aspirate and possibly die.) I had to drink the yuckiest stuff to neutralize the stuff in my stomach in case I did get sick during the surgery.

Shawn, Linda and Katie showed up and I got my blessing. Becky from NICU showed up and told us what was going to happen once the baby was born and what to expect in the NICU. Then the anesthesiologist's assistant showed up and went over everything that was going to happen during the surgery. At that point Doctor Hall came into the room and said the surgery was going to be delayed an hour due to there being an emergency c-section. After that we just waited.

At 8:00 pm my nurse Nichole and the anesthesiologist showed up and told Nick to put on his surgical clothes and get ready. I was then wheeled into the operating room. After they gave me my epidural Nick showed up looking like a lost tourist because he had the camera draped around his neck. I was so happy to see him. The epidural started working and I felt strangely numb all over and I felt this weird tugging sensation and I asked Nick when they were going to start. He looked over the sheet and said they had already started. I didn't feel any pain, just some weird tugging, but from what Nick saw he thought is was pretty cool.

At 8:38 pm Doctor Hall pulled a screaming baby with tons of dark hair out and handed him to the nurse. Nick and I were able to see him for about 15 seconds before they whisked him away to be checked and made sure everything was alright.

Luca was born at 8:38 pm, weighing 3 pounds 5 ounces and 16.5 inches long. He had tons of dark hair, a good set of lungs and was absolutely perfect.
Shawn & Katie in the Labor & Delivery room before Luca was born Nick in his surgical outfit Shauna during Luca's c-section Luca in NICU after he was born

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