Monday, April 25, 2011

Third Trimester

The third trimester is where the trouble really started in my pregnancy. The day I started my third trimester I got food poisoning from eating chicken fingers from Harmons and I got admitted to the hospital that night but I was released at 4 in the morning. My doctor was called when I was in the hospital and he told the nurse that I needed to be seen in his office the following Monday.

Nick and I went to the appointment and Doctor Hall was concerned about my blood pressure and he said it is probably nothing but he was going to watch it anyway. We went a week and a half before being admitted to the hospital again. Late on a Friday night I woke up feeling horrible, I got sick in the bathroom, had a horrible headache, my left hand and foot was very swollen, and I had horrible abdominal pain, I though I was going to die. We were only in the hospital for a couple of hours again before being released. Dr. Hall wanted to see me again the following Monday.
At this point Dr. Hall realized we may have a problem with preeclampsia and that if my blood pressure didn't get under control the baby would be coming sooner than later. Long story short, Nick and I visited the doctor three times a week and I was being admitted to the hospital at least twice a week.

After one of the really bad readings (210/104) I was admitted over night and they started me on blood pressure medicine. The baby was only 30 weeks along then and the doctor was very worried they were going to have to take him that night. But our luck held out and I was released the next day on the condition that I was on strict bed rest.

The weeks slowly pressed on and I had a paranatologist (baby doctor specialist) visit at the hospital on Monday the 14th of March and he and Doctor Hall decided the best thing to do would have me be admitted to the hospital until the baby came. I was 32 weeks along and they wanted me to try and make it to 34 weeks so the baby would be a little more developed. So when Nick and I came to the hospital the last time before having the baby I was under the impression that I would be on bed rest for 2 weeks but the baby, Luca, had other thoughts completely.

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