Sunday, June 12, 2011

Sunday Dinner

  We had Nick's parents and little sisters over for dinner tonight and we tried new recipes for everything.  Nick made a pork tenderloin that everyone really liked. I made a potato salad that no one really liked (Linda was being the great mother-in-law she really is and said it was good.  I know she was lying but she made me feel better).  I also made some lime shrimp that was a little on the spicy side but everyone really liked them and I also made grilled peaches.  We watched Narnia - Voyage of the Dawn Treador and it was really good, much better than the last Narnia movie Prince Caspian.  We then bored the family by showing them pictures.  They were good natured and it probably helped that I made candied pecans too.  I've been in a real cooking mood lately since I've started my diet again.  I know it is weird that I make tons of food that I can't even eat.  I guess that since I can't enjoy it someone else should.
  I am so happy to have Nick around.  As I posted a few weeks ago, our dryer went out and I had to get another one.  After he new dryer was delivered it worked for half a cycle and then kicked the circuit breaker.  Every time I tried to dry anything it would kick the breaker.  We called Lowes (where I bought the dryer) and they were supposed to send a maintenance crew out.  By this point I've had the dryer a week and haven't dried a thing.  Well the maintenance guys never showed up, so Nick called them back on Monday and they said, whoops.  So the maintenance guy was scheduled to show up on Tuesday by noon.  He called Nick at 11:50 and asked Nick what was wrong with the dryer.  Nick explained what was wrong and the warranty maintenance guy said he would have to charge us if he went out because it sounded like there was nothing wrong with the dryer but with our circuit breaker.  So Nick read up on how to replace the circuit breaker, he bought the part and replaced it; this was on Thursday (the first day he actually had a minute to get to it).  I am happy to report, the circuit breaker is brand new and working wonderfully, my dryer is awesome, and I've done all the laundry in the house.  Not just washed and dried the clothes buy folded and put everything away.  I love Nick -  I know I don't tell him enough and since I've been I this diet I haven't been the most pleasant person to be around.  I just hope he can bear with the mood swings and grumpies just a little longer.
PS.  I'll post the good recipes in the recipe section.

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  1. Good job Nick. I love when a husband can fix and help out it makes a moms life easier.