Friday, June 10, 2011

The Zoo is Fun

Today we took Luca to the zoo for the first time and he was so excited (as you can see from his pictures).  He was actually awake for most of the adventure but fell asleep right before we made it to the elephants.  There were so many people looking at Luca while we were walking around, it was like he was his own exhibit.  Look at the human baby, please remember not to feed it because it is on a special diet.  I think he like everything (as much as an almost 3 month old could like anything) except the dinosaurs.
Nick & Luca standing in front of the wolf pin (the wolf is asleep in the background)

Nick & Luca (in the stroller) in front of a T-Rex

Just so excited to be here!

Happy Little Family

Almost as big as an infant gorilla - there were a couple of other people taking pictures of Nick & Luca here

Shauna feeding Luca to a T-Rex, Luca's not too happy

This is a mommy Lemur with one of her twin babies

We got Luca a new friend at the gift shop.  The giraffe is bigger than he is

Cute Elephant

Happy Rino

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