Tuesday, July 19, 2011

4 months and counting

     We have been a super busy family as of late.  Luca hit the big 4 months on Saturday and I think he gained a pound over night.  He is really chunking up and we love it.  He is getting fat and happy.  One sad thing is that Luca is starting to get his teeth already and this is making him grumpy but he is still a really good baby overall.
     Nick started building a room in the basement almost 2 years ago when my sister moved in with us; the room is framed and wired with electricity but it doesn't have any walls.  Nick finally realized that I am capable of helping him hang drywall even though I am an out of shape weakling.  We hang about half of the ceiling and one complete wall.  We are going to try to finish the dry walling this Saturday so that I can work on taping and mudding after I get home from work during the week while Luca is sleeping. We were going to put Luca's playroom down there but Nick doesn't like the idea of him maneuvering our steep stairs so we are probably going to be moving his study down there.  The room is a lot bigger than what we have upstairs so we are going to be able to get the extra bookcases we need so I can finally get that room organized.
     We took a drive a couple of weeks ago up skyline drive in Bountiful trying to reach the ponds so we could have a picnic and go exploring but the road is still closed from the slides that happened earlier this year.  I did manage to get a couple of pretty pictures but none of Luca (he was asleep for most of the drive).  Well I guess that is enough for now.

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