Saturday, July 2, 2011

Walking the Weber river trail

We decided to get out and go somewhere different and I remembered Alica talking about this great trail that they walked along the Weber river.  Nick knew where the trail was at because this is the same place he and Jake went tubing and had a great adventure loosing most of what they had with them.  But I digress.  We weren't able to walk too far because Luca got upset with everything.  We had him in the stroller, Nick carried him, I carried him, but nothing could sooth the crying baby so we headed back to the car.  We did get a 2.25 mile walk and some alright pictures. (I didn't bring our good camera, so the pictures didn't turn out too great)
There is a quail in the trees

Nick & Luca in front of the Weber river, the water was originally a lot higher this year but it has really subsided

This is where Luca decided that he had enough of the great outdoors and wanted to go home

A neat picture of the trail and some of the trees & grasses

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