Monday, October 1, 2012

Pumpkins & Cookies

Grandma is so wonderful, always thinking of others and helping out. This year she grew pumpkins in her garden for her grandchildren that are living close by. She invited us over to her house so the kids could pick the pumpkins and then afterward they were going to decorate sugar cookies. Luca really had a fun time with his cousins Carson and Brookly and he absolutely loved being the center of attention and entertaining everyone while they were decorating cookies. He was banging on the table, tossing sprinkles everywhere and his laugh was so infections that everyone joined in.
Luca at Grandma Linda helping to roll out the sugar cookies

Brooklyn & Luca looking for their pumpkins

Carson & Luca next to all the pumpkins

Luca trying to sit on his pumpkin

Brookly, Carson & Luca with their pumpkins

Brooklyn and Carson trying to hold Luca in place so we could get pictures

Carson, Brooklyn & Luca looking at their pumpkins

Luca, with a knife, decorating Halloween sugar cookies

Luca and Brooklyn decorating cookies

Grandma Linda trying to take a knife away from Luca


Luca scattering sprinkles

Luca putting sprinkles on the table

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