Saturday, October 27, 2012

Carving Pumpkins

After we got the pumpkins home it was time to start carving. We got 7 pumpkins this year to carve, one for each of us. (Nick, Shauna, Luca, Charleigh, Kody, Sammy & Marshmallow) I found a really cool website and printed out some awesome designs. I splurged and got a deluxe pumpkin carving kit at Walmart and it had two of the scrapie things in it to gut the pumpkins. We had never used the scrapie things before and they are one of the greatest inventions ever!!! We gutted 7 pumpkins in half an hour. Luca even helped but we were able to get more done when he went to bed that night.
Luca gutting his pumpkin

Nick helping Luca gut his pumpkin

Nick & Luca carving a pumpkin

Nick getting ready to mark up his pumpkin for carving 

We ran out of time before Nick left and were only able to carve 4 of the pumpkins. I carved the Frankenstein, the Alien and Nick carved the Devil and the Cat

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