Monday, May 9, 2011

Bad Mommy Moments

   I knew being a mom would be hard and different but I didn't know how many times a day I would feel like a bad mom. It seems that every time I pick up Luca someone is telling me that I'm doing it wrong or that I should carry him some other way.  I know I just need to grin and bear it but sometimes I wish they would just sink into the earth to never been seen again.  I also love it when older people tell me that if it weren't for modern medicine Luca would be dead.  I love those people too.  It doesn't make it any better when I'm giving Luca a bath and he screams as if I killing him and not just cleaning out his little fat folds so he doesn't smell like sour milk.
   Talking to my mother-in-law and sister's in law really helps because when I talk to them they help me feel normal and that it is alright if my baby screams while I am giving him a bath.  Enough complaining.  Here are some of Luca's first bath at our house pictures.

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