Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What a month!

  Well, we've had a interesting few weeks.  First off, on the 5th of May Nick was driving home from Weber State when a maintenance worker pulled out and hit the car.  Nick was ok but the car had to go into the body shop to get some work done.  OK, minor issue but hey, life goes on.
  The next Thursday we had another little adventure.  My sister, Michelle, came over to visit and she was helping out by letting the puppies in from being outside.  When she came in the house she said Kody was having a seizure by the stairs. Kody has minor seizures every once in a while and the vet told us not to worry unless they became more frequent.  I went outside and I though Kody was dead.  He wasn't breathing, his eyes were glazed over and when I picked him up he just flopped in my arms.  The only way I knew he wasn't dead was because his heart was still beating.  Shell said she would stay and watch Luca so I jumped into the car and headed towards the vets.
  I went to our regular vet because when I talked to the nurse I didn't know there was a special animal ER in Sunset.  After I drove to Layton I had to backtrack to Sunset and Kody wasn't doing any better the whole way there.  I just kept praying that he would be okay and he could be his normal silly self again.
  I arrived at the ER and by this time Nick was on his way to the Animal ER to make sure Kody was ok.  Kody was still seizing when I got him to the ER.  They gave him some medicine to stop the seizures and relax him but he was going to have to spend the night.  I called in the middle of the night just to make sure he was doing alright.  The nurse said that he didn't want to spend the night in the kennel and he was doing better.
  The next morning I went to the Animal ER to pick him up and the nurse said he was doing just fine, he kept everyone up all night because he didn't want to be in a kennel.  (At home all the puppies sleep in dog beds under our bed).  I got Kody home but he still seemed very disoriented and he kept stumbling.  I made an appointment for him to see his regular doctor on Monday so I was very anxious the whole weekend.  Kody didn't seem to be making any improvement and I was so worried.
  When Monday rolled around Nick & Luca took Kody to the vet.  The vet explained why Kody was acting funny and stumbling.  The Animal ER vet prescribed too high of a dose of medicine for Kody, so in essence Kody was drunk all weekend.  The vet fixed his dosage and Kody is completely back to normal.
  The Friday after the vet appointment I got a call from the insurance agency letting me know that the car was totaled.  I though "Oh joy, what more can go wrong", I had the agent call Nick to give him the good news and let us know how much our car was worth.  Our car was worth more to us since it has been paid off for 3 years than totaling the poor thing.  Well we started the search for a car for Nick.  As most of you know, Nick is usually very easy going, but when it comes to his car he gets kind of "weird".  I searched the internet for 4 days looking for anything that he would remotely consider.  He turned everything down and we were running out of time because we only had 1 more day with the rental car.  I was getting desperate.
  I talked to our insurance agent over the phone and she recommended a website that members of our insurance company could search for vehicles on at a reduced price.  I had 1 day to find a car.  On the website I found a car that I though looked pretty cool, I hadn't heard of this make before so I asked Nick what he thought.  He was very interested, to say the least.  I found out where the dealership was and we made plans to test drive the car the next day.
  So Saturday morning we turned in the rental and set off to look at this car Nick seemed interested in.  We got to the dealership and I though they had made a mistake about the car because this car was nice.  I wasn't expecting anything too fancy but this car was pretty cool.  It was fully loaded with a sunroof and this and that.
  Well we test drove the car and Nick was sold, there were a few we-owe items we wanted fixed so we presented our offer to the sales man.  He took our offer to the tower (slang for where the office manager hangs out and makes car deals) and our offer was declined.  We bid them good day and took our leave.
We made it  out to my car and had Luca buckled up when the manager came running out trying to get our attention.  I really mean running and this was no little guy, you could really tell he liked McDonald's.  Anyway, they decided to accept our offer and at the 23 hour and 59th minute we got Nick a car.
  I'm going to get a picture of Nick, Luca and his car this weekend but just use your imagination until then.  Nick has an 04 Saab Sport Sedan that is dark blue and the car goes fast.  You can ask Nick's dad how fast this car went.  When we took the car to show his parents Shawn took it out for a test drive and I was worried about him getting a ticket, he was so speedy.  Well Nick is happy and so am I because I don't have to look for a car anymore.
  Well there are only a couple of more days left in this month so hopefully nothing else decided to go wrong.  ( I had better go find some wood to knock on)

P.S.  As I was writing this my dryer died.  I get to go look for a new dryer this weekend.  I guess I didn't knock soon enough.

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