Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Chris Freytag - My new best friend

I have weight to loose. I have muscle to build and I have a long way to go with both. I found the most amazing workout program that I am doing from the comfort of my own home. I first found out about this program when I was, of course, pinning on Pinterest. I went to the sight immediately and was surprised to find my friend Chris. I call Chris my friend because I have one of her workout DVD and over they years I have gotten to know and sometimes dislike Chris very much. She is always telling you that you can do it, finish strong; sometime I get so sick of her positive upbeat attitude I turn the volume off. Chris, who always looks so amazing and never changing in the videos can sometimes be a bit much. I kid, I love doing my 3-2-1 workout and try to do it a couple of times a week.
  When I found this new plan I was so excited I started that same day. On day 4 I thought I was going to die because my thighs were burning so bad and it hurt to move. I thought back to the old adage "no pain, no gain" and using logic I must be gaining at an astounding rate. I would be fit in like 4 more days the rate I was going.
  I was well on my way to being in shape and looking and feeling awesome but due to an ankle injury  (my husband calls it a cankle injury) I had to stop working out and then I got out of the habit. I just recently started up again while dealing with my injury. A friend of mine said she had an injury like mine and it took 6 month before the pain went completely away. 6 months!!! Yuck!!! At this rate I should be pain/injury free in 4 month, at least that is something to look forward to.
  Back to giving Chris props. Prevention.com is wonderful and one of the reasons they are wonderful is because of Chris. Even though Chris is not my BFF now that isn't to say she can't become mine in the future. I'll attach the link to those who might be interested in her program. Do it, you will feel better and hurt, but it is a good hurt. I don't think Chris is trying to be mean; she just wants to help us out. =)

Get that heart rate up!!!
http://www.prevention.com/twoweekturnaround/main.html#/Fitness-Body by Design-Total Body Toning-Two Week Turnaround Tool- Day 0 Overview

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