Friday, May 3, 2013

Fire Pit

One day a few days ago Nick said, "I'm board, let build a fire pit." I said, "ok" and that was the starting of our fire pit. Nick got online and watched a video on how to build one so we decided what we needed and made the call that made this all possible. Nick called Shawn because they had some old bricks in their garage taking up space, Shawn & Linda said we could have them. After we got the bricks we dug out the pit, gathered up a bucket full of rocks from the yard and had our sand. We dug down a foot, Nick made the drainage hole, we used the bricks to line the pit and put in a bunch of sand. In a couple of house we had an awesome fire pit. It's not completely done, we have some ascetic things to finish on it, Nick wants to line it with river rock and then flat rock outlining that. It is so fun to have a fire at night and just sit in the back yard and roast marshmallows.

Even Luca is helping

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