Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why is it usually my child???

Today we (Luca & I) went to toddler time at our library; the attending of the toddler time was completely accidental because lately we can't seem to get out of the house until 11. Anyway, we left the house at 11:15 to start running errands and we needed to stop by the library to pick up the next audio book in the Leven Thumps (Obert Skye) series we have been listening too since Nick will be home in a couple of day. My goodness this is getting into a long explanation. So anyway, we arrived and spur of the moment, went to toddler time.
   All the other kids were sitting on the mat reading books waiting to the teacher to show up, Luca runs in and starts jumping all over the place. When the teacher gets there the kids are sitting on the mat patiently waiting, Luca is trying to take her stuffed animal from her and to plug in the CD player. The teacher has all the kids sit down and they do a song, Luca jumps up and starts dancing, mind you he is the only one standing up. In a hissing whisper I tell him to sit down; that lasts for 5 seconds and then he is up again.
  After the song the teacher reads a book and Luca keeps yelling, "Waz dat?" and stands up and points to something on the page of the book, again more hissed whispers to sit down, again 5 seconds. Are we noticing a pattern?
  I eventually sit on the mat so I can keep Luca more or less contained to a certain area and during this time Luca's silliness has warn off on another little boy and he hops up and starts walking around. The mother grabs the boy and has a very in-depth conversation with him and the little boy sits down. At this point the mother glares at me and moves away from where I am sitting. Nice! We are already making so many new friends!
  The rest of the toddler time progresses where Luca jumps up, runs around, I wrangle him in and he sits for 5 seconds. Thank goodness the 30 minutes is almost up and we can go. As everything finishes a mom kneels down and to talk to her son and says, "Aren't you so glad that you were a good little boy and stayed in your seat." and then the mom looks at me. This is a different mom from the other mom who moved. Then two moms who are apparently friends look at me and shake their heads, not in the sympathetic way like, poor mom; she sure has her work cut out for her. It's more like, that mom needs to try harder to contain her son because my child is quiet and amazing. Tut Tut!!!
  I didn't know there were so many snobbie moms in my area, we don't live in an upscale neighborhood, more along the lines of quaint in oldness. I was really proud of myself when I left today because I didn't cry, I didn't give them an evil stare or say something along the lines of how intelligent or not their child is. I went outside, took a deep breath and chased after Luca. I think we may go back next week.

Keep breathing!!!

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