Thursday, April 17, 2008

Cross County: Olympia to Bellingham

It has finally happened. Nick was able to complete his cross country flight after 3 weeks of trying to get it done. Every time we tried to fly there was icing and apparently if you fly too much through icing the plane can fall out of the sky. Today's fight was very cool because there were tons of clouds and we flew on top and through them; I am really going to miss Washington because it is so amazingly beautiful. There isn't too much to see flying through Utah, you either see a crusty looking shrinking salt lake, a couple of trees on a mountain range or sand, lots and lots of sand. We only have about a week and a half left up here and I am taking tons of pictures to remember as much of Washington as I can. Nick only has a few things left to do before he finally gets his instrument rating. We are trying to hurry thing up as fast as we can because we have to get it done before we move. The move seems like it is moving closer faster than it should; I think that ever time you are working with a deadline time moves a lot faster. Well here are some picture of today's flight. First: Nick is doing pre-flight on the Cessna 172 724TM Second: Just checkin' to see how I'm doing (between Everett and Olympia) Third: The state capital building in Olympia. Fourth: Cloud cover over Whidbey Island. Fourth: Nick checking the fuel sumps (just making sure we have enough gas).

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