Saturday, April 12, 2008

Rosario Beach

On Thursday the 11th we took a drive to Rosario beach. I've been taking as many pictures as I can lately because we are going to be moving in the next two weeks and Washington is so beautiful that it is going to be a little hard to leave. There are tons of tidal pools at the beach but since the vegetation growing on the rocks is so delicate we weren’t able to look at the pools. We also saw the monument to Rosario and found out why they named the beach after her. It is an ancient Indian legend about a girl who is gathering some mussels and crabs and one fell into the ocean. She tried to retrieve it and someone grabbed her hand. The person said that she was so beautiful and asked her to come live in the ocean with him. She declined over and over and finally the man said that he would leave her alone. After he left for the last time all the springs dried up and the fish went away. The girl decided to save her family and village and went to live in the ocean; she was so happy and remained there always. Rosario was supposed to have beautiful hair and when you look at the seaweed swaying in the current it is Rosario's hair waving.

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