Sunday, April 20, 2008


Today was our last Sunday in our current ward. I've been the primary chorister for the last year and the primary presidency was sad to see me go. As a going away present they gave me a vase with tulips from the area. The tulips are absolutely beautiful. They are a cross between a dark pink and a light purple, I absolutely love them.
Nick has been in a bit of a grump mood the past 4 days because when he is concentrating on something and it isn't working out quite right he gets moody and short with everyone. The reason he is grumpy this week is he got a Rubix cube and hasn't been able to solve it yet. The cube came with a seven step process on how to solve the cube. He adamantly refused to look at the "cheat sheet" and has been an ornery as a bear. Today he finally decided that it may be alright if he took a look at the "cheat sheet" - his mood is greatly improving. I also decided to help his mood improve as much as I could so I made him a batch of chocolate chip cookies. Making the cookies helps in other areas too because I need to use them up or give them away in the next 5 days.
The move is coming up so quickly. I've know the date the movers were coming for a long time but today it really started sinking in. I only have 3 days to get everything ready now. It's not like I've been slacking off but I didn't want to do too much because it really destroys the house. I guess that all the pictures are coming off the wall tomorrow and I'm still finding homes for things the movers won't take. One thing that I'm sad to be leaving is a almost new bottle of olive oil. I know that probably sounds stupid, but as many times as Nick & I have moved it get easier but sometime some things you have you can't get in the new area. I bought a great salad dressing at Safeway and I'm almost positive that they only sell it at Safeway. I think I may but another one and stash it away in the car. I just hope the bottle doesn't break when we start traveling.
Well I have probably complained enough. It will be good to be around family and friends and live in a real city again. We haven't lived in a real city in 5 years and I am very excited.

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