Monday, April 21, 2008

Moving - Yet Again

Well it is that time again when I dust everything in my house preparing for our latest move. The moving company called today and they moved up our pack-out day. The company will be packing us up and out on Thursday and that isn't all that happened today. We received a letter in the mail and our rental agency has changed so now there are stupid things we have to do to make the new agency happy. So our stuff will be moved out on Thursday and we are checking out of the townhouse on Friday at 9 AM so I have about 15 hours to get the house completely clean after everything is gone. Nick won't be able to help much because he is scrambling to finish up his instrument rating. He is scheduled to take the written test tomorrow and review with his instructor on Wednesday and hopefully get a review flight on Wednesday also. Thursday (the day the movers are coming) hopefully he can take the practical portion of his test and be all done. I have been helping Nick study for the past couple of weeks and we are studying even harder the past few days. I just finished serving Spaghetti for dinner and am now getting ready to start washing the walls. I really think that I'm going to be relieved when this is all over.

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